Wonderland FAQ

How can I repair items?
Tools and weapons can be fixed by the blacksmith. She's one of the many characters you'll encounter in the portal world. Once you have invited her back to the village and helped her set up her shop, she'll let you repair items. Just talk to her and select the hammer icon. Drag the item you would like to repair into the slot, and click the button with the repair fee to repair your item.

If you haven't unlocked the blacksmith yet, you can just throw out used up tools and equipment and buy replacements for them. You can dispose of them by dragging them out of your inventory and anywhere else on the screen. Tonka the builder sells most tools like axes and pickaxes, and the gardener (another character you'll meet in the portal) sells watering cans.
How do I make haybales?
To make haybales, you need to unlock the Gardener's Nursery (the gardener is one of the people you meet in the portal world).

Simply talk to the gardener and open the production menu (the button with the gears). She'll give you the option to start a production of haybales.
How do I reset a puzzle?
If you hit a snag with a puzzle or get stuck, you can always reset the puzzle (or pay Diamonds to solve it) by clicking on the blue lever button that appears over your purple book in the bottom right-hand corner.
How do I socket skills?
To socket a skill onto a weapon, click on your profile (the picture of your character in the top left part of your screen), and tap on the weapon in your equipment slot. This will open the socketing interface. You should see three slots - just drag the skill from your inventory onto one of these slots.

In the beginning, most skills you will run into will be for sticks and swords, but later on, you may encounter skills that can only be socketed onto certain types of weapons, or completely different equipment slots.
Where can I find the blacksmith?
The blacksmith can be found in the portal world like the other characters (just like you found Tonka or the gardener). They will just randomly be there one day for you to find. Presumably, you're looking for the blacksmith because you have something that needs to be repaired. Before unlocking the blacksmith, you can simply throw away broken items (just drag them out of your inventory and anywhere onto the screen) and buy replacements. Tonka sells most tools, and the gardener sells watering cans. Of course, you can also find tools and weapons in the portal world.
Why am I not getting video ads?
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  • Operating system - Most video ad providers do not support Amazon, so video features are frequently not available on Kindle devices.
  • Daily View Restriction - Most games only allow you to watch a certain number of videos per day; some also limit the intervals between. You should usually see a timer showing you when you can watch videos again.
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  • Devices and Other Data - Some third parties will collect usage data from views (see our data privacy statement in the game); it is possible that they may limit which videos are shown to certain users based on this.