MyLittleFarmiesMobile FAQ

How do I get Truffles?
Truffles can be obtained from the Truffle Searcher Hut, which is a wonder of the world. Wonders of the world are rare and special production sites which can only be acquired from assembling card pieces (they usually take 40-75 card pieces). You can check to see if you have any pieces yet in your card piece inventory - they are listed as level 5 card pieces. You can collect them from booster packs and friendship star cards, and of course you can also trade with other players to get them.

If you're only starting out in the game, you'll probably want to dismiss the customers demanding truffles for now, since it usually does take quite a while to get a Truffle Searcher Hut together.
Why am I not getting video ads?
In games that have video ads, the availability of video ads can be determined by several factors:

  • Operating system - Most video ad providers do not support Amazon, so video features are frequently not available on Kindle devices.
  • Daily View Restriction - Most games only allow you to watch a certain number of videos per day; some also limit the intervals between. You should usually see a timer showing you when you can watch videos again.
  • Location - Some providers limit videos by location, or only cater to certain regions.
  • Devices and Other Data - Some third parties will collect usage data from views (see our data privacy statement in the game); it is possible that they may limit which videos are shown to certain users based on this.
Why can't I log into the app with my PC account?
Unfortunately, it's not possible to transfer a browser game account onto the app. The browser game and app versions of My Little Farmies are not compatible with one another - they're two separate games.

The app is optimized for mobile devices and therefore doesn't have many of the products and items available in the browser game; some quests and features also work differently.